General Tips and Guide

Prior to relocating

  • Please plan your relocation in advance by making an appointment with us for a free, no obligation quotation.
  • Ensure your passport, visa, work permit and international driving licence are valid.
  • Advise your children' school that you are relocating and make plans for the registration into a new school at destination.
  • Inform your bank and find out about procedures.
  • Consult your doctor regarding vaccines that could be required.
  • Stock up on medicines that may be required.
  • Enquire with pet travel experts regarding relocation procedures and vaccinations.
  • Cancel subscriptions to magazines, newspapers and other editorials.
  • Dispose of items that you do not wish to relocate.
  • Enquire about items that are either forbidden or restricted in the destination country.
  • Consider temporary accommodation at your destination for the period before delivery of your consignment.
  • Consider what will happen with your post after your departure.
  • Prepare a detailed list of all your goods with replacement values in your country of destination, should you wish to insure your goods under a fully comprehensive Cargo Clause A policy.
  • Enquire with SARS for any outstanding issues and procedures for emigration.
  • Settle and close all charge accounts and cell phone accounts.
  • Cancel M-Net, DSTV and SABC television licence
  • Advise Home Affairs to cancel your identity book - if you are emigrating
  • Make arrangements for medical aid change or continuation in your new location.
  • Make adequate back-ups of your PC's and/or notebooks and transport separately from the consignment.
  • Advise domestic workers of your intended relocation.
  • Notify your insurance company of your new details and ensure that your existing cover applies at your new location.
  • Enquire if the voltage of your electrical appliances is compatible to that of your destination country.
  • Enquire with the relevant authorities regarding the importation of firearms.
  • Acquire valuation certificates of all high value items such as antiques, artworks, furs, silverware, pianos, paintings etc above R5,000, if insurance cover is required.

During the relocation of your household effects

  • Please show the Team Leader all the items that should be packed and ensure that nothing has been left behind once the team have completed the loading.
  • Place items that you do not wish to be relocated in a separate locked up facility, in order to avoid confusion when the packing crew arrives at your residence.
  • Ensure your vehicle/s are parked in a place that allows you the use of your vehicle/s and does not hinder our access to your premises.
  • Please arrange to have children and pets looked after on the moving day/s.
  • Allow your refrigerators and freezers to defrost and dry sufficiently prior to packing.
  • Removal all excess water from washing machines and dish washers.
  • Clean and dry all kitchen effects that are to be packed.
  • Clean and dry all garden tools and furniture.
  • Empty the content of all gas cylinders.
  • Empty fuel from all devices such as lawnmowers, weed-eaters etc.
  • Please arrange the dismantling of complicated items i.e. bookcase, shelves etc which may require special tools or are delicate or complicated to dismantle.
  • Keys that are left in cupboards, wardrobes, chests etc may go astray or be damaged, or even cause damage to other items in the consignment. Please remove all such keys, tag them appropriately and retain separately in a safe place.
  • Take down curtains and empty all drawers prior to the arrival of the packers.
  • Please keep passports, wallets, ID books, air-tickets and keys out of the consignment.
  • Items of high value such as Cash, Travellers' Cheques, Kruger Rands, jewellery, cell phones and watches to be kept in a safe place.
  • If refreshments are served to the staff, please no alcohol.
  • Tipping of members of the packing team is not expected but always appreciated when special diligence and effort is displayed.
  • Should you give any staff member an item/s of your household effects, could you kindly attach a signed note to that effect, for security reasons?
  • Please provide us with your latest contact numbers or e-mail address or that of a family member or friend that will have contact with you at your new destination.

Vital documents to consider

  • Health records and prescriptions, including optometrist records.
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Children's school records and baptism certificates.
  • Degree & Diploma certificates, work records and CV's. Consider language translations for the country of destination, should this be a requirement.
  • Inventory list of your sea-freight and/or airfreight consignment.
  • Insurance valuation certificate.
  • Vehicle registration papers and duplicate keys
  • Vehicle import permit
  • Personal telephone agenda
  • CD/DVD/Other back-ups PC's and/or notebooks.
  • Passports
  • Airtickets
  • VISA/residence permits for the destination country
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Drivers/International driver's licences
  • Letter of employment in destination country.
  • Firearm/Alcohol/Other import permits
  • Travellers Cheques




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