Step by Step Guide

The 1st step is for a qualified sales representative to visit your premises for a free no obligation quotation throughout Gauteng. The representative will assess the type and volume of your household effects, including fragile items needing special care. He will also identify your location for accessibility of the vehicles.

The representative will return to our offices and compile your personalised quotation. The quote will be based on your cargo volume, place of destination and specialised packing requirements as requested by you.

Upon your acceptance of our quotation your preferred removal dates are booked on our operation's board.

Our operations department will contact you the day prior to your removal date to confirm the detailed arrangements. The packing team and supervisor is despatched in a suitable vehicle, with the necessary packing material.

If your cargo occupies a full container, your goods will be loaded into the steel container at your premises. If your cargo forms part of a groupage container or you have requested storage, your effects will be transported to our warehouse.

Should you require storage, your cargo will be stored at our secure Johannesburg warehouse in Linbro Business Park , Sandton. The goods are stored in individualised, dust-free wooden pallets.

Once the steel container is loaded, it is sealed with an individually numbered seal. The seal remains intact throughout the transportation and only removed by the customs authorities at destination.

The container is transported to the Johannesburg container terminal in City Deep. The container terminal is a secure area used to consolidate containers prior to being loaded onto the railway network.

The containers are then transported to Durban harbour via rail. The containers are loaded onto the vessel with large cranes, called gantries.

The vessel sails to the port of the country of destination. The sailing times are dependant on the destination port. Our office will supply you with these details. The containers are off-loaded at the port of destination and collected by the destination agent for de-consolidation and delivery to your new residence. Your cargo is unpacked in your new home and the debris packing material removed.

We hope that the above has given you a good insight into the relocation procedure of our full door to door service. It has been designed to allow your move to be hassle-free and to be able to settle into your new home with peace of mind.




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